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This technique is often referred to as liposcupture and it consist on the removal of unwanted circumscribed deposits of fat in most parts of the body from the face down to the ankles.

Liposuction is done through openings of a few millimeters through which a cannula is inserted and the unwanted fat aspirated.

This surgery has undergone a rapid increase in popularity over the years because it is very safe and the results permanent in those patients who maintain their weight fairly stable.

When multiple large areas are treated a general anesthesia may be advised.

Postoperatively an elastic garment is used for 2-3 weeks. There is very little pain following the operation. Bruising usually lasts a week but complete resolution of remaining swelling, particularly when large areas are treated, may take a few months.

Physical activity can be resumed after one week.

The final result of any treatment or esthetic procedure may vary from patient to patient.

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