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Eyelid Surgery

eyelid-surgery-schwarzBlepharoplasty, or plastic surgery of the eyelids, is the most common operation requested by the younger group of patients, both women and men.

The first region of the face to show signs of aging is often that of the eyelids, giving a tired look. Undergoing a blepharoplasty can brighten your appearance, making you look more rested and alert, without any change in the shape of the eye or your expression.

Eyelid surgery is recommended for people, who have excess upper eyelid skin or excess skin or “bags” under the eyes.

The decision will be based on your needs or expectations and Dr. Gaston Schwarz will help you decide what is best for you.

How is a Blepharoplasty preformed?

Eyelid surgery is usually done under local anesthesia and entails the removal of excess skin and fat (“the bags”). It is often combined with a facelift giving the patient a refreshed and rested look. People often think you had a nice and long vacation.

Healing is usually fast, recovery will take 1-2 weeks. You can resume wearing eye makeup and contact lenses 7 days after surgery. Surgical scars will fade over several weeks eventually becoming barely visible.

The final result of any treatment or esthetic procedure may vary from patient to patient.

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