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A Walk Through The Consultation And Surgery Process

The first step of the journey is making the appointment in the contact form provided in the website or by calling 514-932-8200. We will be happy to accommodate you as soon as possible.

The Consultation Day

You will be greeted by the receptionist who will ask you to fill out a form with your personal information Dr. GASTON SCHWARZ will then see you in his private office where he will dedicate the necessary time to discuss your concerns. He will then judge which will be the most adequate treatment to meet your needs, whether surgical or non invasive. This is done in an honest and confidential manner.

Then you will see the surgical coordinator who will discuss how to arrange for surgery, including dates and fees. There are usually tests and photographs scheduled as well.

The Surgery Day

The day of the operation you will be greeted by one of our specialized nurses who will prepare you for an exciting day at the clinic.

Your surgery will be done in one of our two modern operating rooms. Prior to surgery you will see Dr. SCHWARZ again and meet the anesthetise, Dr. SLOAN. At the end of your surgery you are transferred to the recovery room where you are allowed to recover gently and quietly under the care of our experienced nurses. Once you are alert you will leave the clinic accompanied by a relative or friend who can wait for you in our waiting room.

Every step of the journey is well explained to you and our main goal is to make this experience the most comfortable possible so is to give you a happy result, making you look better, not different.

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