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Breast Reduction

breast-reductionThis operation is done when the breasts are excessively heavy, this produces a gravitational droop of the breasts and various degrees of discomfort or pain (shoulders, neck and back). It also interferes with the freedom of range of physical activities. Frequently patients are shy of their appearance and tend to develop malposture. This operation therefore has a functional as well as an esthetic aspect.
The degree of reduction will be discussed with Dr. Schwarz. The aim is to maintain aesthetic proportion.

How is breast reduction preformed?

After careful planning and measurements a certain percentage of breast tissues are removed and thus the breast improved in terms of size, position and texture.

Recovery and Post operative care

After the surgery a light bandage is applied for 48 hours; after which normal showering resumes. There are no sutures to be removed. The recovery takes 2 weeks after which normal physical activity can be resumed.

Depending on the degree of reduction most patients are able to breastfeed.

The final result of any treatment or esthetic procedure may vary from patient to patient.

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