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Photorejuvenation (BBL – IPL)

photorejuvenationCommonly called BBL or IPL, this is the starting treatment of choice and the most popular at our clinic. This treatment can be done to target a specific condition or as part of a maintenance beauty routine.

We believe in the concept of healthy aging and we recommend that our patients get into the habit of maintaining a healthy and rejuvenated appearance. These types of treatments not only rejuvenate your skin but may be part of the surgical plan and certainly help in maintaining your skin fresh and youthful.

There is scientific evidence as to the rejuvenating effect of BBL on the skin.

Conditions that can be treated with BBL

Pigmented lesions or sundamage (freckles, brown spots or age spots).

Active acne
Nose flares
Telangectasias (spider veins on the face or chest)
Vascular lesions (cherry hemangiomas)

This treatment is very popular treatment for all ages and can be done year round.

 What to expect?

  • A short and relatively painless treatment, most often described as a shot of heat that dissipates immediately after.
  • There is absolutely no downtime and patients may return to daily activities immediately after
  • Some patients might experience light flushing or redness of the area treated that fades away a couple of hours after the treatment.
  • Freckles, age spots or sun damaged skin usually appears a tone or two darker after treatment, but the unwanted pigmentation will shed or flake off shortly thereafter.
  • Make up may be applied immediately after the treatment.

As an approach to maintain our patients skin in the best condition we recommend treatments every 4-6 months; pigmented lesions and vascularity (rosacea) recur specially following exposure to the sun or lifestyle changes.

The effects of treatments with BBL are an overall improvement in the skin tone; with a considerable reduction of age spots and redness. Patients with rosacea and acne may also experience a decrease in the frequency of flare-ups.

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