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Hair Removal (Light Sheer XC)

hair-removalThe Light Sheer XC is the gold standard in the treatment of unwanted hair; offering skin surface cooling, fast treatment and the ability to treat a wide range of skin types.

How does Light Sheer work:

  • The laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light, which will be absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles destroying them permanently.
  • A series of treatments are necessary, usually 7-8 treatments depending on the patients skin type and amount of hair. The laser targets the hair follicles that are in active growth phase so more than on treatment is necessary in order destroy hair follicles that subsequently enter this growth phase.
  • Patients are asked to shave prior to the procedure and in between treatments.
  • A topical anesthetic or ice packs can be used to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient.
  • During the procedure the skin is cooled with the special cooling hand-piece; this technique is used to protect skin and make the procedure more comfortable.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Immediately after the procedure the area will be slightly red and in some cases a little swollen. Patients may feel warmth similar to mild sunburn that will subside an hour or two after the treatment.

The Light Sheer Lasers have been used for hair removal safely and effectively for several years. We are able to treat as well conditions like Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB), or razor bumps, which is a common condition where the re-growing hair, after shaving, curves back towards and pierces the skin resulting in a pustule or papule.

The Light Sheer is renowned for its excellent safety profile, backed by long-term clinical data.

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